How Motorcycle Shipping Process Works?

Motorcycle Transported

If you own a motorcycle, you understand how thrilling it is to ride one. There is nothing quite like exploring the open road on your bike.

So when you’re moving to a new place, the idea of riding your bike cross-country might seem the right thing to do. But when you include the expense of petrol, food, and lodging, it doesn’t make sense.

They are also heavy, so packing one on the back of a moving truck is not practical. You could tow a motorcycle shipping process yourself, but if you have a long journey ahead, you might not want to risk damage or theft.

That leaves the motorcycle shipping process as the most viable option for transporting your bike from one location to another. But before planning a motorcycle shipment, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Here’s Everything You Need to Do to Prepare Your Motorcycle Shipping Process

Preparing your motorcycle for shipping is essential to ensure it arrives safely and in the best condition at its destination. Whether you’re sending it to a new location, selling it to a buyer, or simply transporting it for maintenance or an event, following these steps can help streamline the process:

Decide How You Want Your Motorcycle Transported Process

Motorcycle Transported

First things, how will the motorcycle be moved to the destination? In most cases, trailers are the number one transportation choice. You can go for an open-air trailer that exposes your bike to outside elements or an enclosed trailer where you will have more protection. You might keep in mind that the cost differs between the two, but either way, your motorcycle will be in good hands

You also want to decide between door-to-door car delivery or delivery to a nearby distribution center. Home delivery will give you one less trip. However, having a motorcycle shipment to a distribution center gives more room in dropping and pick-up window times. Plus, this option will greatly lower the final cost.

Find A Motorcycle Shipper to Transport Your Bike

Motorcycle Shipper

You probably should consider calling multiple transport providers and asking for their shipping quotes and their procedures. From there, select a motorcycle shipper that is right not only for your budget but for your needs and timeline as well.

A great way to confirm your choice is also by reading the provider’s testimonials and reviews. Reading about the experiences of previous clients is a good way to predict what kind of experience you will have with your selection.

Get A Motorcycle Shipping Estimate for the Process

Motorcycle Shipping

When it comes to the motorcycle shipping process cost, this varies on several things. Pick-up and drop-off locations, as well as the distance between the two, make up the biggest percentage of the cost.

The open or enclosed motorcycle shipping process will be another category, as well as the model, make, and condition of the motorcycle. Finally, requesting expedited service and the time of the year the shipment takes place will also affect the final cost.

Set Up A Delivery And Pickup Timing

Once the motorcycle shipper is selected, it is time to schedule the service. Check if the selected company books its services weeks or even months in advance and select home pick up/delivery or shipment between distribution centers.

But again, remember that when selecting home delivery, the driver might not be able to pick up or drop your motorcycle at your front door. Also, choose between delivery dates. You can either go for a guaranteed time and date or maybe a more flexible schedule will be your approach.

Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Shipment

With everything arranged for the motorcycle shipping process, the last thing needed is to prepare your motorcycle as well. Typically, it is required for you to remove any personal items (like cameras or GPS) charge the battery, keep the tank at 3/4 or less, check for and repair any fluid leaks, inflate tires, and unlock the steering wheel. There might be additional rules depending on the motorcycle shipper you selected.

Shipping your motorcycle should be a smooth experience, so selecting a proper carrier to take care of your bike should not be taken for granted. You want to have a company that close attention to your vehicle while taking care of it every step of the way. We Car Transport will do exactly that.

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