A Few Motorcycle Transportation Tips

Motorcycle 5

Are you looking to ship a motorcycle? Unlike standard cars, trucks and SUV’s, motorcycles are much smaller and lighter, and thus transporting them is a bit different than shipping a normal car or truck. There are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes to shipping your motorcycle, most importantly exactly how it will be shipped and how prices for transporting a motorcycle stack up to those of a car or small pickup truck along your route. To start, motorcycles – being much smaller – are usually packed in a special motorcycle transport crate, in order to be more secure during shipment. This allows transporters to get the crate into position on the truck then simply roll the motorcycle onto the platform; from there, they simply build the crate around it and off they go. This makes it easier to utilize space, as they can fit more bikes on the truck at once and it also protects the motorcycles more than it would if they were simply strapped down.

Though you would think a special crate would make motorcycle transportation cost more, it’s actually generally cheaper even with the crating costs built in. This is for several reasons. One, motorcycle transport companies tend to simply stick with motorcycles, and though there are fewer of them on the road than standard auto shippers there are still plenty enough out there to try and keep the prices competitive (unlike something like flatbed transportation for really large or heavy vehicles). Motorcycle transporters only ship motorcycles and their siblings (like ATV’s and dune buggies and the like), not cars, so they are able to price their freight differently than a standard carrier. Therefore, prices for motorcycle transportation are generally cheaper as a result.