Open vs. Enclosed Car Transport: Which is a better option for you?

Open vs Enclosed Car Transport

When it comes to moving to another place, while including your vehicle in that equation, the first solution that comes to mind might be just driving the car by yourself. However, the benefits of employing a car transportation service, especially for long-distance moves, can be huge. From picking and leaving your car in the place that’s most convenient for you to saving time and energy on your part, there will be a lot less planning and worries to deal with. And most likely, you’ll save money compared to driving on your own.

These are just a few reasons car transport companies can be of great assistance to make your life easier. The only decision you need to make involves whether you’d prefer an open car transport or an enclosed car transport. They both have their advantages and drawbacks but gaining awareness of what each one entails will help you with this vital decision.

What is Open Car Transport?

For starters, open auto shipping, also known as open car transport, describes any car transport that is placed and shipped on a trailer with no solid walls, or ceiling. Some customers prefer this option due to the more affordable price and faster turnaround time. In fact, this service costs about half of what an enclosed trailer would. However, this type of transport leaves your car “in the open. “ In other words, it is fully exposed to the elements which can pose a disadvantage, depending on the time of year. Nonetheless, the open car transport still allows fuel-efficient options and proves to be easier to book according to your preferences.

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What is Enclosed Car Transport?

Enclosed auto shipping, or enclosed car transport, describes the transport of your car in a trailer that is fully protected and enclosed. Having a solid floor, walls, and ceiling, the protection and security are a lot higher compared to an open trailer. Consequently, if you are transporting an expensive car, this type of transport will also connect you with carriers that already have experience with high-end vehicles which will decrease the chance of incurring any damage due to bad weather or road debris. However, because an enclosed trailer can only receive 1-3 cars per ride, it will cost you twice the amount you would pay for open car shipping. Plus, this method tends to be less fuel efficient which is another factor that raises the price compared to the open car transport.

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Should I Ship Your Car Open or Enclosed?

While the open car transport offers a cheaper and faster solution, it not always will be your best choice. Road debris and harsh weather conditions will always be a present danger, so if you own a sports car or a luxury car, you might need the enclosed car transport (more consideration).

Furthermore, balancing the car’s value versus the transport’s price tag will give a good overview of what is the right way for you. The enclosed car transport, due to the fewer cars being moved at once, may cost more, but the security and protection you receive will give you more peace of mind.

No matter which method you choose, though, you would always opt for a carrier that is professional, reliable, and experienced. Being ranked as an A+ business by the Better Business Bureau, We Car Transport is a family-owned business that knows how to take care of your vehicle promptly while offering the best price on the market. Plus, they offer both enclosed and open car transport.