Car Transport Carriers


Knowing what type of carrier is hauling your vehicle before it picks your vehicle up is important.

Car Transport Carriers

In this section you can read more about the types of carriers that we will use to transport your vehicle. There are literally thousands of different carriers traveling across the country right now that we can contract with to get your vehicle moved for you, but knowing exactly what each type of carrier is, how they work, and what to expect when you transport your vehicle with them is important because you need to know what to expect. We break down each of the different types of carriers below and will link to more in-depth articles that will explain in more detail each type of carrier.


Open Car Transport Carriers

  • Open car transport is the most common type of transportation in the industry. You’ve probably seen an open carrier or two yourself – they have multiple cars on the back of the their truck, trundling down the highway. This is the most common method of transportation and what we consider the standard method of car transport.

Enclosed Car Transport Carriers

  • Enclosed car transport carriers are less common than open car shippers, though they are still relatively prevalent. Because of the increase in price we recommend enclosed shipping services only to those customers who are transporting expensive, rare, classic or exotic vehicles. Enclosed protects your vehicle from the elements much better than open transport.

Flatbed Car Transport Carriers

  • Flatbed carriers are used only for vehicles that are too large, awkward or long to fit on a standard open transport carrier or in an enclosed container. Flatbed transportation is typically much more expensive than open or enclosed transport due to the fact that flatbed carrier companies are not as common as open or enclosed shippers.


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