Flatbed Car Transport Carriers


What are flatbed car transport carriers?

Flatbed car transport carriers are a type of auto transport truck that is used to transport vehicles from one location to another. Flatbed transport companies are not nearly as common as open shippers or even enclosed transport trucks, so they are generally much more difficult to find than the aforementioned carriers. On the whole you won’t really be able to find a company that will come out and just ship your car on a flatbed carrier; because of their expense and the relatively low number of them operating, they are used on an as-needed basis. Typically a flatbed carrier will transport vehicles that are too large or heavy to fit on the back of a standard car transport truck, or vehicles that cannot roll or brake. Sometimes totaled vehicles need to be shipped long distances too, so a flatbed carrier will often be needed for wrecked vehicles as well as overlarge or non-rolling ones.

How much does flatbed transportation cost?

As flatbed transporters are not nearly as common as open or enclosed shippers they are typically much more expensive. Their expense does not just stem from how few there are either; several major factors work againstFlatbed Car Transport Carriers customers finding really cheap flatbed transportation. Not only are they hard to find but they also tend to ship heavier vehicles, including construction equipment and the like, and the heavier the vehicle the more fuel that car carriers have to expend moving it. Therefore if you are shipping a heavier vehicle they have to factor in how much extra fuel they are required to burn to move it. If you are transporting a wrecked vehicle, a vehicle that you think may be too big for a standard carrier, or a vehicle that isn’t a car, truck or SUV, you should probably plan on spending a bit more for flatbed transportation – as well as plan ahead for a bit longer of a wait, as pickup windows for flatbed shipping tend to increase over open transport or enclosed transport pickup windows.

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