Five Things to Know About Hiring a Car Shipping in New York City

Car Shipping Service in New York City

What qualities should you look for when selecting reliable auto transport? Are you looking for a combination of quality service and affordability? Perhaps you need assistance that can work around your scheduled move.

Here Are Five Factors to Know About Hiring a Car Shipping Service in New York City


Is the Car Shipping Company Registered and Licensed?

The first and most important item to check off the must-have list involves the proper business credentials. Reliable auto transport would happily provide an answer if you asked whether they are licensed and registered. Better yet, they would have already established their transparency by displaying their business license and registry along with their DOT information inside of their physical location and on their website.

If you ever have doubts or questions about the reliability of a car shipping service in New York City, you can search for their MC Docket number on the U.S. DOT website on the page for the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

To find out whether a business is licensed, you would go to the website of the N.Y. Department of State’s Division of Licensing Services.


Ask For a Free Car Shipping Quotation

Also, when hiring a car shipping service, you should be able to request and accept a free quotation. This is a standard practice among car movers. Plus, it points more toward their standing as a reliable company.

While you can quickly fill out a request form on a website, the best way to obtain a quote is to speak to a live representative from the business itself. By doing so, you can provide as much information as the movers need to accurately estimate the costs. Plus, this allows the agent to give you all the necessary information from tentative dates and times for shipping and arrival to their expectations for cooperation as listed in their terms.

Likewise, when you go through the process of obtaining a quote and comparing prices, the quote should stand for a specified period. For instance, at We Car Transport, our quotes are good for two weeks, but you can still contact us by phone to find out more about our pricing.


Check If The Company is Insured

In addition to fair pricing and transparency, you also want to be assured that whichever car shipping service you choose possesses suitable insurance policies.

Again, the organization would have that information readily available and visible on a website and at a physical location. With that in mind, you might wonder where you can find out if a car mover is insured and what type of coverage it has. As mentioned, you can get this information from New York’s DOT as well as the Better Business Bureau. A reputable car mover will carry at least liability coverage for $150,000 for open carriers or $250,000 for enclosed carriers along with worker’s compensation.


Discuss Shipping Timings

Also, you would need to see if the car mover’s shipping schedule works for you and your plans. For the most part, shipping services have a specific timeline that they follow which they let you know about well ahead of time. Often, they ship within 5 to 7 days. Therefore, if you have a special day in mind for the arrival of the vehicle, like someone’s birthday, for instance, you will need to plan well. A car shipping service will try to accommodate you but expedited shipping will be more expensive no matter which company you select.


How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

The average price to ship a car range from $630 for a few hundred miles in an open carrier to $1810 from coast to coast in an enclosed trailer.

Additionally, you are looking at different factors that will affect your overall cost of car shipping. As you can see, the distance, the size and weight of your vehicle, and your preferred shipping method make up part of the cost.

At the same time, you might think again before choosing the cheapest service. A car mover’s price often reflects the quality of the transport that the drivers utilize. So, you should pay a little more for stellar service.

Looking for reliable auto transport in New York? Now that you have learned more about what to consider during your search, you can start by contacting one of the most high-rated services. We Car Transport offers free quotes and detailed terms of service, so you know exactly what to expect when hiring us to transport your vehicle. Best of all, our company is licensed, insured, and well-prepared to get your car to its destination.