Selecting your transport company and price

Picking who will represent you in getting you car moved can be a tough choice! We are trying to be that choice by explaining how the process works so that you can make an educated decision. We will do all that we can to exceed your expectations on your auto transportation. The companies that are sending you quotes for the most part all post the transport on a load board for the trucking companies to look and and decide what vehicle to pickup first and last. The ones that pay them the most will get picked up first and least will get picked up last. If the price is too low, you vehicle will not get picked up at all.

We quote a suggested price from our experience that will get your vehicle picked up normally within 1-10 business days. If you are not in a hurry and have extra time for the move, then you may go lower. If you need this done faster, then you will end up paying more money. Again if it is too low, you vehicle will not get picked up at all.


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