Relocation Tips: Transporting Non-Running Vehicles

Classic Car 4

While it generally helps the auto transport cause if your vehicle is running, you shouldn’t fret if it isn’t. Many auto transporters have the capabilities of transporting a non-running vehicle, but in order to load a vehicle that does not run onto their truck they will need to have a special tool called a winch, and not all carriers have that. A winch is simply a device that will lift your vehicle onto the truck, where the carrier can then make sure it is in place and secured. Since not all carriers have them, transporting a non-running vehicle does come with a non-op fee – ours is $150.* You should always tell your auto transport representative if your vehicle is not running before you book your order, as it will affect the price of your transport. Also, if your vehicle is not running and you don’t mention it, that could end up with a disgruntled carrier that cannot load your vehicle (which means a waste of both time and money for the driver), as well as additional fees and could possibly end in a canceled order altogether. So be sure to mention to us if your vehicle isn’t running, and save yourself some time, money and a lot of hassle down the road.

*Note: subject to change. Call for details.


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