Transporting Cars to Alaska

Alaska is a big state, but the problem with getting cars to or from there is the fact that no carriers will drive through Canada to go into Alaska, so cars have to be transported overseas on large cargo ships. It’s really the only way that most people can get their cars to or from Alaska. We can arrange port-to-port transport, as well as transport to or from the port within the U.S. So if you’re shipping to Alaska from, say, Dothan, Alabama, we’ll dispatch a carrier to pick your car up in Dothan and transport it to the port where it will be put on a cargo ship and transported to the port in Alaska where you will have to pick it up. It goes the same way coming from Alaska too, only we’ll dispatch a carrier to pick your car up at the port and deliver it to wherever in the U.S. you want it to go. Check out our car transport Alaska page for more information.


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