How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Vehicle Hauling

Are you seeking guidance on preparing your vehicle for transport? As we all prioritize vehicle safety, aiming to avoid any potential damage is crucial. In this blog, we comprehensively cover every essential step, from loading to proper documentation, ensuring the safe transportation of your vehicle.

What Is Automotive Shipping?

Automotive shipping, also known as car transport or auto transport, involves the shipping and transfer of a given vehicle between two locations with the use of a specialized trailer. The carriers that are used during car process are specifically designed for this type of task. Although your car would be safe while being transported, you’ll need to make sure it’s thoroughly prepared for the trip. Even when working with a car shipping company that is licensed, bonded, and insured, there are some final details that further ensure safe delivery and hauling.

Choose A Transport Vehicle

The type of transport you will decide upon relies heavily on the type of car you have, its weight, and the distance from your car’s current location to its destination. Therefore, you’ll need to choose one of two types of car shipping methods – open-air trailers, and enclosed trailers.

Open-air trailers, or open car transport, are the leading option. No matter if you are transporting one or multiple vehicles, this choice would work well. With the possibility of shipping up to ten vehicles at a time, the price is lower, and popularity is high. However, your car is open to the elements; plus, the process is slower since the trailer has to drop off and pick up other vehicles.

The enclosed auto transport, on the other hand, is often the default option for many custom, exotic, and unique vehicles whose owners do not want to expose their cars to the outdoor elements or road hazards. The trailer that is used has a sturdy roof and walls, protecting anything that is placed within it. Now here, however, the cost is a bit higher, but it is definitely worth it.

Get The Vehicle Ready

When you have decided on the service you like to utilize, it is time to prepare your vehicle for transport. It is highly recommended to have it ready several days before the actual date. This will help you in those cases when the company you use has a driver in close vicinity so they can pick up your car earlier than later.

You also want to make sure any personal belongings are removed. This way you can be sure nothing will be lost during the transport. In those rare cases when you want to transfer something with the car, make sure the company is aware of it in advance. Cleaning the car is also welcome here. With a clean car, inspection at pickup and drop-off would be quite easier, plus you will easily identify any chips, scratches, etc.

Get Your Car Insurance Before Transporting

When choosing a shipping company to transport your car, it’s important to ensure that they have active full insurance coverage in case of any accidents or damages. The insurance coverage should always be included in your final transport quote. Having a fully insured car during transport will give you the assurance you deserve, knowing that you will receive full compensation if something goes wrong. Reputable companies will also include the necessary contact information on the policy, so in the event of a claim, you can go directly to the best insurance company and make the overall process faster and easier.


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