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Transport to and from Tennessee is relatively a good location for auto carriers in the East and West corridor. The location along the I-40 and  I-65  works great for the East to West and North to South route for traffic. However there are some locations off there routes that can be difficult. These are the things that our auto transport specialist knowledge can work with to assist and complete your auto transport smoothly and cost effectively for you.


A Brief History of Tennessee

  • The state of Tennessee was originally part of North Carolina until the Southwest Territory was organized, where Tennessee became a part of that territory and then eventually a state in 1796. Primarily agricultural and rural during the 18th and 19th centuries, the state of Tennessee began to flourish after the end of the American Civil War, partly because it was spared much of the devastation that the major cities of the Deep South experienced during the war. Tennessee grew into a major American music icon and was the country music scene for many, many years (a title it still holds to this day). With such a history behind it the state also has several major metro areas strewn through it, allowing for easier vehicle transportation services into or out of Tennessee. You can read more about the state as well by visiting their official website here.

What to Expect when Shipping to or from Tennessee

  • When transporting a vehicle to Tennessee you’ll probably be surprised at how many carriers actually run routes into or out of the state. Sitting just west of the Appalachian Mountains, the state of Tennessee has several major metro areas in Memphis and Nashville, and it really helps that both states are connected to each other – and the rest of the country – by Interstate 40. Used more for interstate transport of goods as opposed to vehicles, I-40 is nonetheless a major logistics route and one of the most important interstates in the middle of the country. I-55 runs north-south through Memphis, and this is a major interstate that services the areas directly north and south of Tennesee, while I-65 runs through Nashville. The entire area is auto transport friendly, at least through the major metro areas, primarily because they link to other cities such as Atlanta and Indianapolis, which are themselves popular transport locations.

How to get a Free Car Transport Tennessee Quote

  • If you are interested in getting a free car transport quote to ship your vehicle to or from Tennessee, Webster Hauling can help you with it. We work with the best carriers in the car transport industry to get your vehicle moved from wherever you need it picked up from to wherever you need it shipped to. You can call us at 888-333-6343 for a free car transport quote, or you can take a minute to fill out our free online quote request form to the right and get a quote emailed to you within the next hour. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to help you with all your car transport or vehicle shipping needs, so call or fill out our form today to get the best service from one of the best companies in the industry.

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