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Transport to and from New Mexico is relatively a good location for auto carriers in the East and West corridor. The location along the I-40, I-25 and  I-10  works great for the East to West and North to South route for traffic. However there are some locations off there routes that can be difficult. These are the things that our auto transport specialist knowledge can work with to assist and complete your auto transport smoothly and cost effectively for you.

A Brief History of New Mexico

  • Car Transport New MexicoThe area of New Mexico was originally inhabited by several different Native American tribes before being conquered and controlled by the Spanish. Afterward, it changed hands several times before finally becoming a part of the United States in 1848. It was organized into a territory and then later admitted to the Union in 1912, one of the last states admitted. The first major settlement in the state was Santa Fe, which was founded by the Spanish in 1608; it remained a vital trading post and grew rapidly after the United States claimed control of the area (it is, today, the capital and one of the largest cities of the state). An interesting little fact: the state flag of New Mexico’s colors are taken from the Spanish flag, while the picture on the flag is a representation of a Pueblo sun god (the Pueblo tribe was one of the most prominent Native American tribes in the region). The flag represents the state’s Spanish and Native American roots, and also is a symbol for the state’s ethnic diversity.

What to Expect when Shipping to or from New Mexico

  • When shipping a car to or from New Mexico, most carriers will travel along at least a portion of Interstate 40, which crosses the entire state in an east-west fashion. I-40 actually runs along the old U.S. Route 66 in the western part of New Mexico, primarily near Gallup. Carriers don’t like running routes off the major interstates, but will for a higher price – therefore it’s recommended that if you’re looking to save some money shipping to a city along a major interstate is a good idea. Albuquerque sits along both I-40 and I-25; Interstate 25 runs primarily north-south, and carriers traveling from the northern states like Idaho or Montana will likely use I-25 to get down to Albuquerque or other areas of New Mexico.

How to get a Free Car Transport New Mexico Quote

  • If you are interested in getting a free car transport quote to ship your vehicle to or from New Mexico, Webster Hauling can help you with it. We work with the best carriers in the car transport industry to get your vehicle moved from wherever you need it picked up from to wherever you need it shipped to. You can call us at 888-333-6343 for a free car transport quote, or you can take a minute to fill out our free online quote request form to the right and get a quote emailed to you within the next hour. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to help you with all your car transport or vehicle shipping needs, so call or fill out our form today to get the best service from one of the best companies in the industry.

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