Some Pickup Truck Transport Tips

When it comes to transporting a pickup truck, you want to make sure you have as much information about the size of your pickup and what type of pickup it is when you start going around either looking for quotes or speaking to representatives. This includes not just the year, make and model (which you should have anyway) but also the submodel of the pickup, bed size, cab size – these are the factors that can ultimately make it easier or more difficult for companies to find a carrier for you. Larger pickup trucks are harder to ship because of their size, and some are so large they can’t fit on a standard carrier. These pickups are really, really big though, and most pickup trucks will be able to fit just fine on an auto transport carrier. However, because of the many different pickup trucks out there, having all the relevant information up front will help us compile a more accurate quote that will get your pickup truck moved when you want it moved.


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