RV Transport Services


How are recreational vehicles (RV’s) shipped?

When it comes to RV transport services, they will almost always need to be shipped on the back of a flatbed auto transport carrier. Regular open transporters and enclosed auto shipping trucks are not large enough to handle something as large and heavy as a recreational vehicle, especially if we’re talking about the really long ones. Since RV’s come in many different shapes and sizes the price and availability of a carrier that can haul your RV are subject to change. Typically, it’s easier and cheaper to ship smaller motorhomes or RV’s, as opposed to the massive tour-bus sized ones that many people like to take camping. Please note that the heavier and longer your RV is, the more expensive your shipment will be; size and weight play a prominent role in the pricing of your RV transport services.

How long will it take to find a carrier to transport my RV?

Typically, auto transport pickup windows are anywhere from 3-5 days after we find a carrier for you. However, the time it takes for us to find a carrier to transport your vehicle can vary depending on several things,RV Transport Services including where you’re shipping from and to, what exactly you’re shipping, how much your RV is paying to the carrier, and what type of carrier you’re going to need. Most of the time RV transport services are provided on the back of a flatbed auto transport trailer; rarely they can be towed by a truck, though this is used typically to move recreational vehicles from one area of a city to another and not necessarily to move them across the country. You should talk to your auto transport representative for more information about the pickup windows for RV transport services and how they will affect your shipment.

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