Relocation Tips: Understanding Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport insurance is kind of a tricky thing. Every carrier is required by law to have liability insurance as a minimum, but many also offer cargo insurance for additional protection. Like any insurance, there are usually deductibles that come with it, and the numbers will vary from company to company. Less than five percent of all vehicles shipped require an insurance claim, but it’s best to be prepared and to understand what will happen just in case disaster strikes. This is why we recommend asking for your carrier’s insurance certificate upon pickup, as they are not only legally obligated to provide it to you but it has all the terms and conditions of their insurance policy right there so you know exactly what you’re in for. You can also check the validity of a carrier’s license and insurance information here:

You should ask some basic questions of your carrier regarding their insurance in order to get a better understanding of what they’re going to offer you. Most shippers’ insurance only covers the Kelley Blue Book value of the car and may not cover all damages. Therefore, you should ask questions pertaining to what type of damages are covered and if there are any specific parts of the car that are or not covered under their insurance. Always find out the deductible and you should also know the limits on their coverage. Make sure to also inquire about any accessories such as spoilers and the like to see if they’re covered. Some shippers may provide options for additional insurance, so if you’re interested you can also ask about that.