Minivan Transport Services


How do minivans differ from regular automobiles?

Minivan Transport ServicesMinivans are built to accommodate a lot of people, and while cars are built to do the same thing there are still some things about it that separate from a regular automobile. For starters, they’re larger -but not so large as to start accruing oversize vehicle fees. Typically minivans can seat seven or eight people, depending on the configuration of the minivan’s seats. Most of them will have two seats up front (driver and passenger), plus two seats in the middle and a third-row bench seat in the far back. More often than not the furthest seats in the back will fold down, allowing for more cargo space. Minivans are great for couples with numerous kids or parents who coach their child’s sports team. Some carriers may charge a bit more for minivan transportation, but rarely – typically a minivan will go for about the same price as a standard car or small SUV, though some minivans are larger than others and carry with them relatively cheap oversize vehicle shipping fees.

What to expect when shipping a minivan.

Minivan transport services rarely will deviate much from the standard method of car transportation, because most minivans are also considered large cars. Though they are more on par with an SUV as opposed to a regular car, many minivans are much lighter than SUV’s given the fact that they are not built for towing things, merely hauling people and cargo around. Therefore they don’t need all the extra bells and whistles that will allow them to tow a boat or a travel trailer, which means that there isn’t as much added weight and therefore there are smaller oversize vehicle shipping fees tacked onto minivans. Most minivans are roughly the same size and shape, though there are always outliers, especially older minivans and buses (many companies will count things shaped like the VW Vanagon or Bus in with minivans, even though they technically aren’t).

How to get free minivan transport quotes from Webster Hauling.

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