Limousine Transportation Services


How are limousines shipped?

Limousine transportation services are not exactly standard, but they do exist. Typically when it comes to transporting a limousine, most of the smaller ones are able to fit on the back of a standard ten-car carrier. Granted, it will take up two vehicle slots typically, due to its length, and this will increase your price a bit, but still, finding transportation services for most smaller limos shouldn’t be too difficult in the long run. Limousines are considered to be oversize because of their length, so be prepared to pay an oversize vehicle fee if your limo can fit on the back of an open carrier. If it can’t – say, it’s a stretch limo or something – you’ll probably need a flatbed truck to haul it for you, which will increase the price by a fair bit but it will also be the only possible method of transporting your limousine (unless you want to drive it).

Why are there extra fees associated with limousine shipping?

Limousines are long and awkward, which makes it an unpopular vehicle because it isn’t a normal car, truck or SUV. There is no standard length for limousines, so while some are simple single-stretch limos there are alsoLimousine Transportation Services the ones that are super-incredibly-stretched (though that’s probably not the technical term for them, we have a feeling you understand the ones we’re talking about), and those are even more difficult to transport easily. To compensate for the loss of a car slot, open carriers will charge you extra – probably not full-price for the extra space, though it might still be relatively expensive on the whole. Your auto transport representative will be able to tell you more specifics about how carriers price and regulate the fees that they add.

How can I get a quote to ship my limousine?

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