Auto Shipping to or from Kansas

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The state of Kansas was a hotbed of pro-slavery and abolitionist sentiments when it was formed in 1854 as the Territory of Kansas. Though born from battle, the state ultimately entered the country as a free state after the Civil War. Today Kansas plays a major role in feeding the United States, as it produces much of the wheat and sorghum that is consumed by American citizens. Because of this, there are relatively few major metropolitan areas in the state of Kansas, with perhaps the city of Wichita – which is its largest – being the most popular place to ship to or from. You can read more about the state itself by visiting the state of Kansas’ official website.

Because there are only two interstates that run through the state of Kansas, there are not a lot of auto transporters that are willing to run routes into and out of the state on a regular basis. Though I-70 is a popular interstate, auto shippers prefer eastern I-70 as opposed to the stretches in the Midwest and the Mountain West regions. This is because the areas west of Kansas, really, are very spread out, whereas back east many of the major metro areas are close together. On the western side, there’s a big gap between stops; on the east, it’s more a question of who can do it fastest. Therefore, prices to ship into or out of Kansas from (or to) eastern parts of the country will almost always be cheaper and quicker than shipments to the western half. You can also read more about shipping into and out of the state by visiting our car transport Kansas page.

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