Auto Shipping to or from Connecticut

Transporting a vehicle to or from Connecticut is made much easier by I-95, which runs through the entire southeastern part of the state. However, Connecticut is far from popular with customers – few customers ship to or from Connecticut, at least when compared to other major cities like Chicago or Cincinnati. But it does help having I-95 run through it – the interstate runs along the entire east coast, from Miami up to Maine, which makes it easier for carriers running along I-95 to, say, Boston or D.C. to simply head a few more hours north into Connecticut. Cities like Bridgeport and New Haven, which lie right along I-95, will be cheaper to ship to or from than cities that are more centered in the state, like Hartford – carriers running along I-95 prefer to stay on I-95, and while Hartford connects with I-95 via I-91 (as well as several state routes), it’s still a decent way off of their established route, and therefore carriers may charge a bit more for the additional mileage they have to travel when going to Hartford. Check out our Car Transport Connecticut page for more information about the state, and you can fill out our free online quote request form or call us toll-free at 888-333-6343 for a free quote to ship to or from Connecticut today.


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