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  • We are Webster Hauling, a family owned and operated auto transport company that is here for you and all your auto shipping or vehicle transport needs. As a family owned and operated car transport company we understand the importance of forging a unique and beneficial relationship with our clients. We ship thousands of vehicles all across the nation every single year, and we have great relationships with hundreds upon hundreds of carriers based all throughout the contiguous United States to get your vehicle picked up quickly and moved efficiently.

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  • Your automobile is your connection to the world. We understand how important your automobile in your daily life, which is why we only work with the best carriers in the industry. All the carriers that we contract shipments with are fully licensed and insured, so you can rest easy knowing your vehicle is in great hands from pickup to delivery. Our carriers ship coast-to-coast, border-to-border, servicing the 48 continental states.

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  • You can call us at 888-333-6343 or fill out the free online auto transport quote request form on the right to get your free, customized vehicle transport quote calculated with care and precision by one of our expert transport representatives. If you’ve already placed an order with our company you can call us any time during normal business hours to speak to your car transport representative about your shipment.

Car Transport Services to Denver

Auto transport is important for Denver. The city of Denver is the capital of and the largest state in the state of Colorado. Home to over 634,000 residents, Denver is today a major city and anchors the greater Denver Metropolitan Area, home to over 2.6 million residents and ten separate counties in the state of Colorado. Auto transport moved in and helped after being founded as a mining town in the mid-19th century, Denver grew to prominence primarily as a supply town for people heading west ove…

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Vehicle Shipping Services to Dallas

The city of Dallas is the third-largest city in the state of Texas and the ninth-largest city in the United States. Home to over 1.24 million residents, Dallas is an alpha world city and a major center for financing, banking, trade, telecommunications, computer technology, energy and healthcare. Founded in 1841, the city was incorporated in 1856 and quickly gained prominence thanks to several major rail lines running through it. The railroads brought more residents, helping Dallas grow, and with…

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Relocation Tips: Understanding Auto Transport Insurance

Auto transport insurance is kind of a tricky thing. Every carrier is required by law to have liability insurance as a minimum, but many also offer cargo insurance for additional protection. Like any insurance, there are usually deductibles that come with it, and the numbers will vary from company to company. Less than five percent of all vehicles shipped require an insurance claim, but it’s best to be prepared and to understand what will happen just in case disaster strikes. This is why we recommend asking for your carrier’s insurance certificate upon pickup, as they are not only legally obligated to provide it to you but it has all the terms and conditions of their insurance policy right there so you know exactly what you’re in for. You can also check the validity of a carrier’s license a…

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Relocation Tips: Understanding Transit Time

In the auto transport industry it’s hard to guarantee that a car picked up in one location will arrive at delivery within a specific amount of time. With all the things that auto shippers have to content with while they’re out on the road, it can be difficult to guarantee a pickup or delivery date and really difficult to guarantee both. Generally they’ll give you pickup windows or delivery windows, generally 24-48 hours long, that the carrier may arrive in. If you’re busy and can’t just sit around and wait for two days for your shipper, talk to your representative about it and they will likely work with you in order to make sure you and the carrier will be able to have the time to dedicate to pickup and delivery.
But after pickup and before delivery the truck is considered in transit, and…

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Tips for Shipping a Minivan

Minivans are pretty unique vehicles. Designed to haul a lot of people at once while at the same time offering room for storage and hauling capabilities should you not need all the seats, the minivan’s design is much different than any type of car, truck or SUV. When it comes to transporting a minivan you have to realize that you’re going to be looking at a more expensive experience, most likely, because of the fact that they’re built so differently. Minivans are inherently longer and usually a b…

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