Bridgeport Car Transport Services

A Brief History of Bridgeport

  • Bridgeport Car Transport ServicesBridgeport is the largest city in the state of Connecticut, though it’s home to just 144,000 residents. Founded in 1639 Bridgeport grew rapidly thanks to the local economy’s growth. At the time, whaling, trading and shipbuilding were the main economic stays of the area, and this aided the growth of the city tremendously. When mills and factories came to the U.S. in the 17th century, Bridgeport jumped all over it, turning into a major manufacturing powerhouse virtually overnight. Though during the mid-to-late 20th century, particularly during the 1970’s, manufacturing in the town was hit hard by jobs moving overseas, which sent Bridgeport into an economic depression it is still trying to work its way through. You can learn more about Bridgeport by visiting the city’s official website here.

What to Expect When Shipping to or from Bridgeport

  • Considering Bridgeport sits literally an hour northeast of New York City along one of the most important and highly-traveled interstate in the United States, you’d think that transporting a vehicle there would be easier. Bridgeport, to be fair, is not the largest city in the country, and that affects its popularity when it comes to transporting a vehicle to or from the city. You shouldn’t see exorbitantly higher prices, though you may still find it cheaper to ship into the New York City area and then simply drive your vehicle up to Bridgeport yourself. Shippers are more likely to run routes in and out of Bridgeport during the spring and summer months, and even into early fall, but once the snows start coming it’s harder to get shipping services in or out of Bridgeport. You should keep that in mind when you’re transporting a vehicle to or from the city.

How to get a Free Bridgeport Car Transport Quote

  • If you are interested in getting a free car transport quote to ship your vehicle to or from Bridgeport, Connecticut, Webster Hauling can help you with it. We work with the best auto transporters in the industry to get your vehicle moved from wherever you need it picked up from to wherever you need it shipped to. You can call us at 888-333-6343 for a free car transport quote, or you can take a minute to fill out our free online quote request form to the right and get a quote emailed to you within the next hour. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to help you with all your vehicle shipping needs, so call or fill out our form today to get the best service from one of the best companies in the industry.

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