Colorado Springs Car Shipping Services

Colorado Springs Car Shipping Services

A Brief History of Colorado Springs

  • The city of Colorado Springs is the second-largest in the state of Colorado after Denver and was ranked as the best large city to live in by Money Magazine in 2006. Home to over 431,000 residents, the city was originally founded as a small resort town for people to get away from the hustle and bustle of Denver. During the 20th century the city began to grow rapidly thanks mainly to a renewed military and government presence in the area; it is currently the home of Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base (originally known as Falcon AFB), the United States Air Force Academy as well as NORAD and the Cheyenne Mountain Air Station. The military is a driving force behind the city’s economy as is tourism and retail; the three sectors combined employ a good chunk of the city’s population. Visit the city’s official website for more on Colorado Springs.

What to Expect When Shipping to or from Colorado Springs

  • Colorado Springs sits about a hundred miles or so south of Denver along Interstate 25. Unlike Denver there is no major east-west interstate that runs through the city, which limits auto transporters somewhat in the sense that the only way they can get into or out of Colorado Springs is via I-25. This is a drawback in the sense that once a carrier commits to shipping to Colorado Springs they pretty much have to commit to traveling along I-25 until they hit another east-west interstate, as I-25 generally isn’t long enough to stick to by itself. The fact that I-25 connects two cities of over 500,000 residents (Denver to the north and Albuquerque to the south), and connects I-10 to I-40 and I-90, it’s an interstate that auto shippers can use to quickly get from one route to another. This makes Colorado Springs a bit more enticing for some shippers and also its size and popularity as a transport location make it easier to work into schedules.

How to get a Free Colorado Springs Car Shipping Quote

  • If you are interested in getting a free car transport quote to ship your vehicle to or from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Webster Hauling can help you with it. We work with the best auto transporters in the industry to get your vehicle moved from wherever you need it picked up from to wherever you need it shipped to. You can call us at 888-333-6343 for a free car transport quote, or you can take a minute to fill out our free online quote request form to the right and get a quote emailed to you within the next hour. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to help you with all your vehicle shipping needs, so call or fill out our form today to get the best service from one of the best companies in the industry.

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