Los Angeles Car Transport Services

Los Angeles Car Transport Services

A Brief History of Los Angeles

  • The city of Los Angeles is the largest city in the state of California and the second-largest in the U.S. after New York City. Founded in the late 17th century by the Spanish, it became a part of Mexico following their war for independence in 1821, and was ceded to the U.S. in 1848 along with the rest of California and much of the southwestern U.S. after the Mexican War. For much of the 19th century Los Angeles grew steadily, built primarily around agriculture and ranching; it was not until the railroads came in 1876 that Los Angeles began to see real growth, and when oil was discovered in 1892 it quickly skyrocketed in population. In 1900 there were roughly 100,000 people living in the city; by 1930 that number had jumped to one million. Of note is the cultural and financial shift from San Francisco in the early 20th century following the San Francisco earthquake in 1906; many believe it was because of the devastation wreaked in San Francisco that ultimately led to Los Angeles being the largest and most influential city in the state. You can learn more about Los Angeles by visiting the city’s official website as well.

What to Expect When Shipping to or from Los Angeles

  • The city of Los Angeles has a metropolitan area that spans over 4,800 square miles and home to over 12.8 million residents; such is the size and scale of Los Angeles that it anchors the even-larger Greater Los Angeles Area, an officially-designated area by the U.S. Census Bureau that is home to over 18.4 million people. Not only that, but as a major transportation and logistics hub in southern California, there’s plenty of ways in and out of the city, including multiple interstate highways that auto transporters frequently use to get from one state to another. As Los Angeles is a transportation powerhouse, it’s not surprising that it’s one of the most popular car transport locations in the country; as such, it’s generally fairly easy to find an auto transporter willing to ship out of Los Angeles. It may be more expensive in the summer, as so many people tend to move in and out of the city at once that it creates a logjam; this allows car shippers to cherry-pick the highest-paying loads first, leaving the rest to wait until someone is willing to take the vehicle. On the whole, however, Los Angeles is one of the cheapest cities to ship in or out of.

How to get a Free Los Angeles Car Transport Quote

  • If you are interested in getting a free car transport quote to ship your vehicle to or from Los Angeles, California, Webster Hauling can help you with it. We work with the best auto transporters in the industry to get your vehicle moved from wherever you need it picked up from to wherever you need it shipped to. You can call us at 888-333-6343 for a free car transport quote, or you can take a minute to fill out our free online quote request form to the right and get a quote emailed to you within the next hour. We here at Webster Hauling are proud to help you with all your vehicle shipping needs, so call or fill out our form today to get the best service from one of the best companies in the industry.

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